Lake Trout

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Lake trout

Lake trout are the largest of the chars; the record weighed almost 46.3 kilograms (102 lb) (netted) with a length of 50 inches (130 cm), and 15– to 40-pound fish are not uncommon. The average length is 24–36 inches. The largest caught on a rod and reel according to the IGFA was 72 pounds (33 kg), caught in Great Bear Lake in 1995 with a length of 59 inches. When hooked, especially the big ones will make a short run and just thump and twist and turn.

Salmon – Flying R Charters


Our season is late April, early May through late September. Full day fishing charters leave the Port Washington Harbor before dawn, and return to the dock between 1:00  and 2:00 pm. Half day charters are from early dawn to about 11:00 am and about 3:30 pm till just before dark or so. Call to make reservations or to set up your own times and dates. Multiple charters may be discounted.

Flying R Charters starts out in the cold waters of late May, fishing closer to shore and with “short lines” as the fish are generally near the surface as the water temperature begins to warm up. These are good times for catching Cohos and some Browns, as well as the Lake Trout, and Steelhead.